Our Band, Yellow Brick Road, is based on the original tunes of our acoustic guitar player and lead singer, VIIRAM MCKENNEY. The inspiring lyrics and good time rhythms in these songs really catch folks’ attention. The down home depth of the songs, and the real life experiences that prompted their birth into the public sphere strike a note of reality on people. They just wanna listen.
Our other members of the group are: DONNA MEY, bass guitar and vocals; and various sit-in fellow players that help create a different sound. We call our sound “message music”, and the message is about freedom, awareness, staying happy and high. We have been described as Americana, Acoustic-Country Rock, or Hippie Hillbilly Jam; most of this music is about living here in the Ozarks.
  We been playing local gigs so far, as we have found that outdoor events and festivals in this area are what we prefer. Viiram & Donna have an outdoor venue by the same name as the band, Yellow Brick Road, a campground that they are building into a small music gathering place. This has been a hosting spot for many get-togethers over the years, after retiring from promoting small music festivals in the area.
  We have played at the June Bug Jam Festival, The Electric Moo Festival, numerous benefit concerts for local non-profits, corporate parties, private parties, and sometimes just for the hell of it. Unfortunately, our drummer has retired from the band; we have been enjoying playing acousticly with a conga player, but I miss the trap set. Lots of new songs, need to record somehow???



Check out our new interent radio station at jango.com. It's free for listeners, and it's setup like this....I've got our music on there, and I've added several other bands of like interest, so you get a variety of tunes. Here's the link....


Have fun with this....